MBA403 Financial and economic interpretation and communication

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    Your Task
    Students will select an ASX listed company and prepare a 2000-word report regarding its financial and non-financial management.
    Assessment Description

    • Students will write a financial management report on a selected company, based on concepts learned in Workshops 1 to 7.
    • Students will provide a clear recommendation to a nominated stakeholder of the selected company.
    • Students will interpret financial, non-financial and sustainability metrics and consider ethics issues related to the selected company.
    • The assessment addresses Learning Outcomes 1 to 3.
    Assessment Instructions
    • Students will select an ASX listed company that has currently published financial statements which meet accepted standards of financial reporting.
    • The report is limited to 2000 words (+/- 200 words), excluding the title page, bibliography and appendices.
    • The report is to be formally written as per the guidelines below.
    • The report is to be submitted via Turnitin.

    Page 2 Kaplan Business School Assessment Outline
    Financial Management Report and Content

    Executive Summary
    • The executive summary provides an outline of: the company background, the stakeholder the report is aimed at and the purpose of the report. It also includes a brief statement of the recommendation(s).
    • The executive summary should be approximately 10% of the total word count.
    Key Performance Indicators
    • Present and concisely discuss key financial results and trends.
    • Calculate and present relevant financial ratios.
    • Present and concisely discuss non-financial and sustainability indicators.
    • Consider using an appendix for extensive data tables or calculations.
    Interpretation and Insights
    • Explain the causes of the changes in the company’s financial performance.
    • Interpret your financial ratios.
    • Analyse the non-financial indicators and the company’s sustainability and/or ethical performance.
    • Consider the company’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities. Alternatively, consider the company’s business strategy, competitors and outlook.
    • Reach insights on which to base your recommendation(s).
    Conclusion and Recommendation
    • Present the significant outcomes from your analysis.
    • Clearly state an actionable recommendation(s) for your stakeholder. For example, if the report is written for a potential shareholder, recommend a decision to invest or not invest in the company. Alternatively, if the report is written for an internal manager, make a specific recommendation in order to improve the financial performance of the company.
    • Justify your recommendation(s).
    • The Conclusion and Recommendation should be approximately 20% of total word count.

    Bibliography and In-text Citations
    • The Academic Integrity and Conduct Policy requires the appropriate use of in-text citations and a bibliography.
    • You must correctly cite all references (information sources) and comply with the expectations for academic writing. A Harvard Referencing Guide and video is available via the Academic Success Centre page on MyKBS.
    • More information on Academic Integrity and Referencing is available at the Academic Success Centre page on MyKBS.
    • The bibliography and citations are excluded from total word count.

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