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    Your task Individually, you are required to reflect on the learnings gained from undertaking the capstone subject and assessments by writing a 2000 word reflective essay. Assessment Description. The purpose of this assessment is to foster students ability to coherently reflect on their undertaking of the Capstone: Strategy subject together with a reflection on their entire MBA. Assessment Instructions Students are required to look back at their MBA course as a whole and identify the specific skills developed that will assist them in becoming effective practitioners in the workplace. Learning is a persistent change in performance or potential that results from experience and interaction. Reflective learning is the process of stepping back from these experiences and reflecting on how skills, attitudes, mindset and behaviours have evolved. Your reflective essay must cover the following:


    •A brief discussion on the value of reflective practice for managers and leaders

    •A personal reflection on learnings from the capstone subject and consultancy research process.

    •A personal reflection on skills developed over the MBA.

    •A personal reflection on how these will assist in future career endeavours.


    •Reference list (or possibly in this instance a Bibliography).
    The reflective essay should include a discussion of learnings from both a theoretical and practical perspective. Additionally, insights from undertaking assessments and research, capstone lessons as well as group activities from this and other subjects over the duration of the course. Specific examples should be cited to support and justify all points.

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