MBA601 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

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    Your task Individually, you are required to prepare a 2500-word new venture business plan that incorporates various aspects of a start-up to be presented to an angel investor or venture capitalist.

    Assessment Description.
    The purpose of this individual assessment is to provide students with an opportunity to create a plan for the proposed venture that incorporates financial, operational, marketing and ethical considerations and evaluate the risks and benefits of entrepreneurialism with a focus on how these can be mitigated.

    Assessment Instructions
    Presume that the start-up venture that you have been allocated in the first assessment is now seeking capital from prospective angel investors or venture capitalists as they have plans to expand their business to other countries. In the context of this assessment, you are to focus on New Zealand as the first choice for the planned expansion.

    Based on this, you are to prepare a new venture business plan that addresses the following:
    • The overview of the market potential for the planned expansion in New Zealand;
    • A comprehensive outline of the suitable business model.
    • A critical analysis of the financial considerations, including investment requirements, potential risks and returns, and crowdfunding opportunities.
    • A critical analysis of the ethical considerations, including legal and regulatory risks and challenges.

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