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    Code: MBA7000

    Subject: People and Organisations

    Writ 1 Assignment

    Question 1

    Compare and contrast two different organizations to critically examine the culture and structure in each organization, explaining, with reference to academic theory and models, how each employs the concepts of structural and cultural differentiation to its advantage. You should choose one public sector organization from your home country, and one MNC (multi-national corporation). You may use tables, charts and bullet points to support your answer. Approx. 1000 words. 

    Question 2

    What impact do you perceive that organizational structure and culture have upon the ways in which leaders, managers and employees behave in these companies? Approx. 600 words. 

     Question 3

    Using the MNC chosen for the task above, create a PESTEL table which explains the specific drivers of change for this particular organization. Select two or three of the key change drivers to examine in more detail. 400-word equivalent  


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