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    Assessment 2: Individual Essay 20%

    On September 25th 2015, countries around the world adopted a set of goals to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new sustainable development agenda.  The goals have specific targets to be achieved over the period to 2030. Visit the Knowledge platform: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/

    In the 2019 Global Sustainable Development report The Future is Now, one of the calls to action states

    • Governments, international organizations and the private sector should work to encourage investment that is more strongly aligned to longer term sustainability pathways and to facilitate disinvestment away from pathways that are less sustainable. (UN, 2019, p. xxv).

    YOU ARE REQUIRED TO:  Prepare an academic essay (with headings) discussing this call to action.  You will need to develop a focus for your essay. This will be workshopped in class/online.

    (It is important to develop your own understanding of the SDGs so you can effectively contribute to your group for Assessment 3.)

    YOU NEED TO:  You will need to reference both academic and other literature (PLEASE USE APA referencing format).  You should assume NO KNOWLEDGE on the part of the audience with respect to the goals.

    Marks will be allocated for:

    Content – Have you demonstrated a sound understanding of the SDGs, and their relationship to Business, Society and the Environment?  Have you accessed a range of academic and other material to provide you with a good basis for the essay you have written?  (Does this essay prepare the student well to contribute to the group assignment?)

    Critical Thinking – Have you demonstrated an understanding across a range of perspectives?  Have you developed and argued a position or debate? (Does this essay prepare the student well to contribute to the group assignment?)

    Form and Presentation – Have you employed a quality of English, Referencing, and Presentation of a suitable standard for a Postgraduate unit? (Does this essay prepare the student well to contribute to the group assignment?)

    Marks will be deducted for: Over-reliance on reporting rather than discussing content; Limited range of references both academic and other (e.g. United Nations references); Failure to explore differing points of view; Poor referencing (Use APA); Poor use of English; Too few or too many words

    CHECKLIST – Essay

    Content/Research Has the student clearly articulated a focus for this essay?

    Has the extant research been covered in appropriate depth and breadth for the size of the assignment? Has the student demonstrated an understanding of current thinking and research? Has the student demonstrated an understanding of the importance of the topic? Has the student identified important pieces of literature (academic and grey) on the topic? Have a range of appropriate types of literature been consulted in accordance with the brief? Has the student outlined the key issues raised and discussed these?

    Critical Analysis Does the essay show evidence of analysis of the context?

    Does the essay show evidence of analysis of the research/literature consulted? Has the student critically analysed the various perspectives in the literature? Has the student developed an argument/position in response to the chosen topic?  Has the student offered sufficient literature to support this? Is the analysis logically presented? Are opposing or critical views presented and discussed? Does the paper use clear and logical theoretical and conceptual development to discuss the current thinking? Does the essay demonstrate understanding by the student of higher level thinking, and linking to the theoretical underpinnings of the topic?

    Presentation, format, grammar, spelling and referencing Has an appropriate essay format (including headings) been adopted?

    Has a good standard of spelling been maintained? Has a good standard of grammar been maintained? Has a consistent recognised referencing format been followed? Is the material presented in a well-organised and logical order? Have logical headings been used? Is the language used appropriate?


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