MGMT11109 : Introduction to Business

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    Code: MGMT11109

    Subject: Introduction to Business

    Assessment Task 3 – Reflective Practice Assignment
    The purpose of this assessment item is to assess students’ ability to: 
    Part A. Prepare a Powerpoint presentation; and
    Part B. Write a reflective essay that requires analysis and evaluation and draw on scholarly sources that are referenced appropriately.
    Part A. Prepare a Powerpoint presentation; and
    Your Powerpoint presentation will focus on the Australian Stock Exchange-listed AGL Energy Ltd (ASX: AGL). Part A of the assessment should be written in the third person passive style apart from your introduction slide. The senior management team of AGL would like the following addressed in your Powerpoint presentation.

    A slide introducing yourself to AGL (one slide only);

    A summarised history of AGL’s power generation business (one slide only);

    Challenges currently facing the company regarding its planned closure of Liddell Power Station;

    A summary of recent developments in generating cleaner energy in Australia and how these developments may impact AGL; and

    Critically evaluate the social responsibility of AGL in relation to its customers and community?

    Part B. Write a reflective essay that requires analysis and evaluation and draw on scholarly sources that are referenced appropriately.
    Your reflective essay asks you to reflect on your own experience when writing and completing the PowerPoint presentation from Part A of this assessment and completing 12 weeks of Unit materials. Reflection is all about deepening your learning. By reflecting, you are able to make connections between your own experience and what you are learning. It also allows you to learn from your mistakes and thus become a better business practitioner.
    Your own thoughts, feelings, experiences and ideas are central to reflective writing. Part B of the assessment should therefore be written in the first-person style. Your submission should contain a clear structure with an introduction, body and conclusion, it should use formal language and omit colloquial language, contain correct grammar and spelling, and it should draw on scholarly references. Your Reflective Essay should be approximately 1000-words and be referenced using the CQU APA Referencing Style Guide. You need to provide at least six scholarly references to pass this criterion for this assessment.
    Your reflective essay should answer the following questions;

    Analyze the experience of researching the material for the PowerPoint. What was it about the experience that made you think? How did it make you feel?

    Was there something about the experience that challenged your ideas about what you’ve learned? Or did it reinforce those ideas?

    How did your experience fit with the literature you’ve been reading, or with the course materials?

    Evaluate the experience. Was it overall a positive or a negative experience for you? What will you draw from it?

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