MGMT19126 Operations Management

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    Code: MGMT19126

    Subject: Operations Management

    Globalisation means that domestic service, production, and exporting may no longer be a viable business model. As we know that there are many new standards, of global competitiveness that impact quality, variety, customisation, convenience, timeliness, flexibility, and cost. The globalisation of strategy contributes to efficiency and add value to products and services.

    In this assessment, select one of the following organisation of interest to you and write a short report of 1800-word to the board of your selected organisation. You need to concisely recommend the business operations related to improvement in order to meet customer requirements and gain profits.

    • Education Service Providers: e.g. CQUniversity

    • Health Care Service Provider: e.g. The Royal Melbourne Hospital

    • Internet Service Provider: e.g. Telstra, Optus • Banking Service Provider: e.g. Commonwealth, Westpac

    • Fast food industry: e.g. Domino pizza, McDonald • Social Media Provider: e.g. Facebook

    • Automotive Producer: e.g. Tesla, Toyota, Volvo

    • Delivery Service: e.g. Australian Post, Linfox logistics

    • Retail Supermarket Chain: e.g. Woolworth, Coles, Aldi

    • If you suggest an organisation other than above, you need to get approval from the assigned lecturers.

    You can prepare OM report using the below-suggested guideline:

    (1) Succinctly introduce the background of your selected organisation, e.g. products or services.

    (2) Succinctly define the following concept and its relationship: value chain paradigms and perspectives. (Hint: e.g. value chain model, pre-and post-service view of the value chain, technology in value chain, etc.)

    (3) Critically examine how value chain design can help the organisation to improve operational activities and why it is important. (Hint: you can select and frame your discussion of any particular operations processes, e.g. banking mortgage approval process, etc. if you choose to examine the banking service provider)

    (4) Recommend how the organisation’s operations strategy best responds to current trend by answering the following questions (i.e. choose any two for your discussion):

    • How can the organisation manage its operational activities to stay competitive? (Hint: e.g. think about the order winners and order qualifiers that can lead to competitive advantage)

    • What are the challenges associated with the organisation in near future? (Hint: e.g. internet of things (IoT), Industry 4.0 Advanced Technology Development, etc.)

    • Apply the Hill’s Strategy Development Framework to the organisation and discuss the practical feasibility, limitations and implications. (Hint: Refer to the textbook, discuss the linkage and relationship of the corporate strategy and operations strategy to achieve excellent business performance).

    • Propose and/or develop the scope of business performance measurement for organisation to monitor the effectiveness and efficiency in operations (Hint: to answer this question, you need to position yourself as an OM manager in the organisation by addressing the key issues and monitoring performance, e.g. number of mortgage approval vs. number of the applicants within 3 months etc.).

    Prepare details for your report

    The business report represents a combination of your insight, observation, reflection, literature review and understanding of business operations. The following guidelines are as follows:

    • Try to explore first about your selected organisation.

    • Select appropriate refereed sources to frame and understand the above core concepts and ideas (i.e. value chain, related frameworks etc.).

    • Take stock of insights. Consider the evidence.

    • What findings do you reach when gathering the insights and evidence from refereed sources and/or your work experience if any?

    • You may include tables/figures/charts if needed.

    • You should include at least 10 references and no more than 50 references in your report. All sources must be highly credible and fully referenced using the APA referencing style.

    • The summary, table of contents, reference list and appendices are excluded from a report’s word count.

    • Use MS word to write your report and submit your assessment online using Assessment 1 link in Moodle, on or before the due date.

    • Please note that the Turnitin Plagiarism Software in Moodle will check all of your submissions – we will recommend you to write the OM report in your own words.

    • If you have any concerns, please contact directly your campus lecturers.

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