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    MGMT205 International Business is a course that focuses on providing students with an understanding of how businesses operate in a global context. The course is usually taken by students pursuing a degree in business or related fields.

    The course covers various topics related to international business, including cultural differences, political and legal environments, global trade and investment, foreign exchange, and multinational corporations. Students will learn how to analyze the global business environment and develop strategies to enter and compete in international markets.

    The course will also cover various modes of entry into international markets, such as exporting, licensing, joint ventures, and foreign direct investment. Students will learn how to evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with each mode of entry and develop appropriate strategies.

    In addition to the technical skills, the course also emphasizes the importance of cultural awareness and sensitivity. Students will learn how to navigate cultural differences and adapt their business strategies to different cultural contexts.

    Overall, the course is designed to prepare students for careers in international business, global management, and related fields. The course will provide students with the necessary skills to analyze the global business environment, develop international business strategies, and navigate cultural differences in a global context.

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