MGT301A: Ethics and Sustainability

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    Ethics and Sustainability

    The ethical dilemma I faced in my workplace was the introduction of a new technology i.e. installation of the self-packaging device which will help in making the packaging process fast, easy and economical. As this new technology is beneficial for the company and clients but if it’s brought into use it will affect the manpower requirement by the company, the employees may get de-motivated because of the idea of losing their job (Curre, 2018). The ethical dilemma I faced here is to keep loyalty towards the employees who have helped the company grow since long and on the other hand providing good service to the clients in the novel and innovative ways.

    The situation became unpleasant due to increasing dissatisfaction among the employees and lack of good service provided to the clients (Garcia et al,2018). As neither the clients nor the employee should suffer in any case. Here I decided to keep the technology in place as there is nothing wrong in making the organization technologically friendly and involving automation in the firm, as the lack in technology will not move the firm forward hence adopting the technology will be the right choice. The steps I decided to take here was first to communicate with the employees the advantages and benefits this new technology will bring to the company and how they can help in creating value for the company but getting to know about this new technology.  I will take steps to mobilize the human resources and transfer them to the areas where their efficiencies can be used in a better way. The company’s reputation and good were also maintained due to these steps were taken by me. (Jones et al, 2017)


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