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Subcode— MGT605 Assignment Help

Title— Business Capstone Project Help

File Type – Individual 

Words limit — 1500 words

Submission through – Blackboard 

                                                Learning outcomes 

Develop a theoretical or practical perspective on management issues through a substantial

applied project

Demonstrate collaborative leadership and ownership in the preparation of a significant original body of work

Use specialist research skills to analyse a complex management problem and then synthesise the research


you first need to identify a project idea on which to develop your project proposal

project proposal must include the pain statement or problem statement.

The capstone project proposal serves two basic functions. 

Firstly, what your capstone project is all about. 

Secondly, how you will conduct the capstone project. 

                                     Formulating a project idea

before developing your capstone project proposal, you need to identify a problem or opportunity.

                                           Structure of the project proposal

1.Cover page

2.Introduction or Context

3.Aim/purpose of project ( 300 words for 2&3)

4.Method  (1050 words)

5.Conclusion (150 words)

Indicative timeframe

References – Atleast (6) for theoretical literature and (10) references to data sources.

(technical and theoretical knowledge) models and concepts  5 marks

Effective Communication & Well structured report with clear flow of idea 10 marks

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