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    Task Summary
    Create an eight minute, PPT video presentation.
    The presentation will review protocol stacks of a chosen case scenario relating to upcoming industry trends in blockchain or cloud computing and provide recommendations.


    This assessment gives you the opportunity to use your existing knowledge of communication protocols to assess potential trends in data and networking, specifically in blockchain or cloud computing, and collaboratively work to produce recommendations for the chosen case scenario.

    Task Instructions
    Complete the following tasks:

    Part A – Industry trend
    • Choose an industry trend with the main source coming from a recent report (2019 – onwards, currency of information is very important) from McKinsey, KPMG, Deloitte,
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    PWC and EY. Please make sure that the chosen industry trend on data and networking is specifically on blockchain or cloud computing.
    • The chosen topic needs to be approved by the facilitator at the end of Module 3.1 Please remember that the topic needs to contain communication protocol information for you to proceed to the next step.

    Part B- Video
    • Create an eight (8) minute, video presentation using PPT to answer the following:
    1. Analyze the trends in the communication protocols and relate the concepts with what you have learnt in data and networking to date.
    2. Which protocol stacks appear to be more important when compared to other protocol stacks for this industry?
    3. If this industry trend is to be adopted by a company, what recommendations will you make for the company? These recommendations should take advantage of the industry trend. The recommendations should be well supported and clearly justified.

    Slide Content
    Slide One – Cover Slide with Title of the presentation, your name, your student number and Lecturer’s name.
    Slide Two – Highlight the Company and three current company trends that you have researched from your references (include referencing in text in the slides) EG. Cloud Computing is the biggest new trend (Mirjalili, 2022)
    Slide Three – Discuss the protocol stacks that appear to be more important when compared to other protocol stacks for this industry?
    Slide Four – Discuss the three (3) industry trends that are to be adopted by a company. (Why are these important)
    Slide Five – List the three (3) recommendations to the company (Remember these need to be short, sharp and actionable).
    Slide Six – Reference list of six (6) references. (You are at liberty to use the references listed below or search for your own references)
    A lecture of how to present and design slides will be delivered to you in week 7 to ensure that you are completely comfortable and knowledgeable on how to present ‘a winning professional presentation’

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