MKT 501 – Markets, segments and decision making

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    In a marketing audit you need to consider and evaluate the opportunities and threats, the organisation’s segments and the consumer decision-making process for their primary target market. Using Aldi as a case study, and incorporating theoretical concepts into your discussion from chapters 2, 4, 5 and 6 of the Pride, et al. (2012), and with the use of other theoretical sources and secondary research, please discuss the following:

    1) Briefly describe the industry market for your organisation and applying the PESTLE macro model, evaluate current opportunities and threats facing Aldi.

    2)  Describe the nature of competition in your industry. Explain and analyse Aldi’s place in the market by comparing and contrasting its strengths and weaknesses to its main competitors.

    3) Using secondary sources regarding consumers’ grocery shopping behaviour, identify the major market segments for Aldi, and outline and evaluated your primary, and secondary target markets.

    4) Given your research for question 3, discuss the decision-making process that Aldi’s primary target market is likely to have and create a positioning statement (just a few lines max) that would encourage the primary target market to become loyal to Aldi.

    This assessment assesses the following learning outcomes:

     be able to find relevant and important information about organisations, their industries and marketplaces from secondary sources;

     be able to evaluate the key marketing aspects of segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) and be able to analyse an organisation’s approach to STP.

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