MKT103A: Integrated Marketing Communications

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    Title: Integrated Marketing Communications

    Code: MKT103A 

    Assessment 1: Influencer Reflection Analysis

    Length: 1000 words


    The world of marketing is changing. As marketers, we rely on a wide variety of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) tools. These have progressed and expanded from what is now considered traditional forms of marketing, to new ways and methods of creating communication. These new methods are based on influencing our target audience through people/videos/blogs and not just ad campaigns. Of course, how and why these forms of communication work will always depend on your target audience.

    This assessment is designed to introduce you to understanding influencer marketing which is targeting audiences through people and their communication activities to their own followers. These people are known as Influencers, Bloggers and Vloggers. They can be celebrities, sportspeople or people with no formal qualification, but who have created a following based on what they post in social media. Marketers are using these Influencers extensively and this assessment will expand your knowledge on the impact that these Influencers have on brands.

    Learning Outcomes

    • Describe the principles of integrated marketing communications
    • Identify and analyse marketing communication approaches through the application of communication models and relevant theory.
    • Compare and contrast the effectiveness of media tools used to design integrated marketing communication campaign plans.


    Starting in week 2, you are to find an Influencer and follow their activities, found primarily on social media, for the next 3 weeks (week 2 inclusive). Their activities will be mainly posts on their social media and/or blog posts on their own website (i.e. text, images or videos). At the end of week 4, you will create a reflection paper based on your observation of their activities and supported by academic resources.

    This assessment involves the following activities:

    1. Choose an Influencer.
    1. Follow your Influencer from week 2 to week 4, documenting your observations on their activities across their communication platforms (i.e. posts, images, video and screenshots in social media, blog, vlog, etc.).
    1. Conduct academic research on IMC and Influencers as a method of communication in marketing within and outside the subject learning resources.
    1. Write your Influencer Reflection Analysis following the below outline:

    a) Introduce your Influencer, who they are, their communication platforms, their target audience and their number of followers (approximately 125 words).

    b) Reflect on your influencer’s activities per week, addressing the following questions:

    i) What was the focus for their communication activities?

    ii) In your opinion, how effectively do they communicate their message?

    c) Use the sourced material from the observations you documented and the academic research you conducted to support your ideas in point b above (approximately 250 words for each weekly analysis).

    d) Write a conclusion (approximately 125 words).

    5. Follow the APA 6th edition style of referencing to cite your academic resources and provide your reference list.


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