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    This is a group assignment. Your lab tutor will create groups and inform you the details of your group members.
    Assume that your group is hired by an organization to develop a database to help them manage their daily transactions. To facilitate this, you need to design the database with several tables. You are required to read the requirements described in the scenario given below and answer the questions.

    User view 1 requirements: The database should have information about their Patients. Patients are identified by a PatientID. Patient’s first name, last name, age, mobile number, and email must also be recorded.
    User view 2 requirements: For each Doctor, the database must store, DoctorID, name, mobile number, specialty, and years of experience.
    User view 3 requirements: A patient can make zero or more appointments, however each appointment is booked by only one patient. An appointment is associated with one and only one doctor, while each doctor can have zero or many appointments scheduled. And DoctorID, PatientID, day and time must be recorded for all appointments.

    User view 4 requirements:
    It is required to keep track of payments to finalise the booking. Payment details will be saved in a separate table and PaymentID, PatientID, AppointmentID, amount and date will be recorded.

    User view 5 requirements: At the time of booking the appointment, one staff member/ a nurse will be allocated to each appointment. However, these staff members can be allocated to more than one appointment. Sometimes, staff members are new, and they may not have any appointment assigned yet.

    Complete the information-level design for the database that satisfies the following constraints and user view requirements. In order to complete this information-level design you are required to answer questions given below.

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