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    Understand the networking and data requirements of networks

    1. Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the world by providing seamless connectivity between heterogeneous networks. The eventual aim of IoT is to introduce the plug and play technology providing the end-user, ease of operation, remotely access control and configurability.

    The paper titled “The internet of things: a survey.” (See complete information listed below); which has been uploaded on the Assignment folder, provides outcome of the extensive survey conducted on the papers about IoT.
    Read the paper and answer the following Questions. You also can search online for additional journal papers or articles to find more about these topics online.

    Li, S., Xu, L. D., & Zhao, S. (2015). The internet of things: a survey. Information systems frontiers, 17(2), 243-259.
    a. Briefly discuss the items listed below. You can search more about these topics online. NB: it is important to reference the sources using IEEE citation style.

    Write at least 200 words with proper references.
    I. Why “Internet of Things (IoT)” is an important topic to discuss today? [5 Marks]
    II. What are the challenges discussed in Section 5 of the given research paper. [5 Marks]

    2. Data modelling is an essential part of Information Systems. Conduct a quick search online and write a brief description on “Why is data modelling important in DBMS? Write at least 200 words with proper references.
    [5 Marks]

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