MN7027 Summative Assessment Resit

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    General Assessment Guidance

    The deadline for submission is 3.00pm on Friday 19th February 2023.  Please note that late submissions will not be marked.

    You are required to submit your assessment via Turnitin online access. Hard copies or any other digital form of submissions (e.g. via email) will not be accepted without good reason and agreement.

    For this coursework, the submission word limit is 2,000 words. The cover sheet, table of contents, diagrams, end-of-text references, appendices, and annexes are NOT included within word count calculations.  You must specify total word count on the front page of your report.

    Do not put your name or contact details anywhere on your submission. You should only put your student number on the cover page to ensure your submission is recognised in the marking process.

    A total of 100 marks are available for this module assessment which represents 100% of the total marks for the module.

    All your references must have correct citations in the main body text and a complete reference in the list of references using the Harvard Referencing Format (see for guidance).

    The University takes academic misconduct very seriously and always seeks to rigorously protect its academic standards. Plagiarism, collusion, and other forms of cheating constitute academic misconduct, for which there is an explicit range of graduated penalties depending on the particular type of academic misconduct. The penalties that can be applied if academic misconduct is substantiated range from a reprimand to expulsion in very serious cases and for repeated instances of misconduct. Guidance on preventing plagiarism is available here:

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