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    The network is structured as follows:

    • PUBLIC NETWORK (shown in red): This network is outside British Land’s management and should not be changed. It has an HTTPS server accessible through the URL, a PC representing a teleworker (i.e. belongs to the company but works remotely), a PC representing an outsider to the company and, a DNS server that is used by devices belonging to the PUBLIC NETWORK. The ISP router belongs to the PUBLIC NETWORK and therefore should not be modified (assume that ISP has been configured properly).
    • DMZ (shown in blue): This is the demilitarized zone (DMZ) of British Land and contains all servers that are public to all the other networks. This is under the management of the company and should be considered within your network design. It contains the company’s web server ( and a DNS server that is used by users of York House (West London) and the Liverpool Street (East London) offices. The DMZ servers are known externally through their public IP addresses and internally through their private IP addresses, which means that static NAT has been configured in the York House router to perform this translation.
    • York House (shown in orange): This is the internal network of the York House (West London) headquarters and is also under the management of the company. Right now, it only contains two PCs that, when connecting to an external device, use a public IP address that is translated via NAT by the York House router. Internally they use the private IP address.
    • Liverpool Street: This network has all devices of the Liverpool Street (East London) branch and also uses NAT when connecting to external devices but internally uses the internal IP addresses. This network is also under the management of British Land PLC.

    The topology has already been created for you and it has been made available as a Packet Tracer file. Please note that the file was created with version, which means the file won’t open on later versions of Packet Tracer. If you are using a different version and the tutor can’t open your file then you will receive 0 marks for the Packet Tracer implementation.

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