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    Question 2: Give five practical suggestions for motivating employees and explain why you think they are effective?

    Employees are known to be the most valuable asset of business and managing them can be one of the most significant yet most challenging tasks required of HRM. One objective that should feature in any HRM plan is the motivation of one’s employees. Employee motivation is a key to individual performance, team productivity as well as to maintain a positive culture within the business enterprise. But how exactly to motivate the employees is something that management always found itself struggling with? Innovation is always necessary to produce quality work because only well motivated employees will try to put extra effort to deliver quality results in the most effective manner possible. With employee perks being cut down to their lower costs, managers are finding it difficult to continue motivating its employees.

    For a dose of inspiration on how to motivate employees here are few practical suggestions that could help an entrepreneur in motivating its manpower:

     1 Team leaders are required to act as role models and help inspire their team members to recognize what actually they are passionate about at work. Several studies have showed that majority of workers as being disengaged and thus hating their jobs. Most of these unhappy or unsatisfied workers are looking for some inspiration. They want to have someone who can provide meaning to them and their work or something to believe in. They want to make a difference by feeling that they are part of something big. And for such inspiration they will look to their team leaders. Thus, the team leaders are required hereby to identify the areas of interest of its employees and then provide them work in their area of interest or passion. Working in their area of interest and achieving something will make them happy as well as satisfied and a happy employee is a motivated employee.
     2 Creating a positive team energy will help to motivate everyone working in the workplace. To achieve this, it is necessary on the part of team leaders to clearly define the vision, mission as well as overall goals and objective of the organization to its employees and also include your employees while crafting these for your organization. Moreover, it is also necessary to give them a purpose by making them understand the key role they play towards the success of department or the organization as a whole. By understanding their purpose as well as the purpose of business, an employee will understand how exactly he fits into the overall picture and creates a positive team energy where everyone is helping each other out.
     3 Provide your employees with opportunity for advancement. In general, people want to succeed and want to learn something productive that helps them to keep growing in their lives. No one wants to work for a dead end job that will not lead them any better opportunities. Employees always feel motivated when they know that they are working towards something so there is a need on the part of team leaders to provide them with such opportunities that will help them to climb their career ladder. For this, it is required to empower your employees to succeed by delegating challenging and meaningful work.
     4 Work with each employee individually to increase their skill and sense of competence and accomplishment. For this the team leaders are required to work with each employee with a view to create a personal development plan for everyone. The leaders should ask group members about what they do and don’t like working, listen to their ideas, respond to their questions etc. because every team member is best at what they do and there is no need to pit their goals against each other.
     5 Rewarding your employees to keep them motivated. The team leaders should continuously monitor the progress of their employees toward the accomplishment of organizational goals or objectives. Such monitoring of results will allow them to compare the results of their employees and then to provide rewards to boost up their positive behavior, to increase their sense of progression and finally to keep them motivated. Rewards are always a motivation booster and an include recognition in front of other staff members, a day off, gift cards or other inexpensive ways to show appreciation.

    Bottom line: The power of motivating and retaining your best employees should never be underestimated. An effort to improve employee engagement is definitely worth considering its long term benefits and requires a tailored strategy for each employee.

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