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    Part 1 (60 marks)
    This part of the assignment is an individual submission.
    The intention of this assignment is to assess the participants’ ability to comprehend the key aspects of Strategic Management and the application of these concepts in the business context, in a meaningful manner.
    You are expected to submit this individual assignment based on the given scenario
    Jetwing Travels Deals Website and App
    This website and app will allow customers to search, compare and book desired travel services within just few clicks and will provide the ultimate travel planning experience while becoming one-stop travel shop. Services offered are from airline tickets, hotels, holiday packages, airport transfer, visa application assistance, travel insurance, activities, excursions, cruises to car rental.
    Assume that you are the newly appointed General Manager responsible for digital business expansion of Jetwing Travels. Along with this new business development strategy, you have been appointed as the project in charge and expected to develop a report to the Board of Directors explaining how the following concepts related to Strategic Management will be helpful to get the maximum advantage for your brand in the given context. The answer should cover the following questions:
    1) Why is Strategic Management important for the organization in the given scenario?
    (15 marks)
    2) Why is “Balanced Score Card (BSC)” important for the organization and for the new task?
    (15 marks)
    3) Apply the following to the organization:

    SWOT Analysis

    Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

    PESTEL Analysis (15 marks)

    4) What are the strategic management challenges at the given organization? How do you plan to overcome those challenges to gain strategic competitive advantage for the new website and App?
    (15 marks)
     You are required to submit an individual report not exceeding 2,500 words based on the above.
     The report should adhere to the below given structure


    Contents – four areas of discussion required.


    References (References MUST be included and taken from reliable sources).



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