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    N494 is a course in nursing that focuses on the essentials of nursing research. In this course, nursing students learn about the basic principles and concepts of nursing research, including the design, implementation, and evaluation of research studies.

    The course typically covers the following topics:

    1. Introduction to nursing research: This includes an overview of the research process, the role of research in nursing practice, and ethical considerations in nursing research.
    2. Research design: This includes an in-depth look at the different types of research designs, such as experimental, quasi-experimental, and non-experimental designs, and their appropriate use in nursing research.
    3. Sampling and data collection: This includes an overview of sampling methods and techniques for collecting data, such as surveys, interviews, and observations.
    4. Data analysis and interpretation: This includes an introduction to statistical analysis and techniques for interpreting research findings.
    5. Evaluation of research: This includes strategies for evaluating the quality of research studies, such as critiquing research articles and identifying potential sources of bias.

    Overall, N494 is an important course for nursing students as it provides them with the knowledge and skills necessary to critically evaluate research studies, design and implement research projects, and apply research findings to nursing practice. By understanding the principles and concepts of nursing research, nurses can contribute to the advancement of nursing practice and improve patient outcomes.

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