Network Programming-Write Java Network Programming codes for both client and server system

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    The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate the ability of the student to write Java network programming codes for both client and server system.



    Students need to follow the instructions given below in sequence (important):

    1.Install Java SE8 (

    2.Install Eclipse IDE (2019-03) to develop the client and server programs (

    3.Install GlassFish server ( Start the GlassFish server.

    4.Write the Java codes in the Eclipse IDE to produce the following output: (Connecting the client to the localhost server)


    Figure 1 (Connecting the localhost server to the client using socket server). Maybe different output if the client port is successfully connected.


    Figure 2

    Pelajar perlu mengikut arahan yang diberikan di bawah mengikut turutan (Penting):

    1.Pasang Java SE8 (

    2.Pasang Eclipse IDE (2019-03) untuk membangunkan program klien dan pelayan (

    Network Programming – Write Java Network Programming codes for client and server system assignment help

    In this particular assignment, the learner is required to demonstrate his/her ability to write the Java Networking programming codes for the client as well as server system. For writing a solution to the question, the learner needs to follow the instructions which are being listed in the sequence in the question file.

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