NUR 501 Theoretical Foundation Of Nursing

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    NUR 501 Theoretical Foundation of Nursing is a course or subject that focuses on the theoretical concepts and frameworks that underpin the practice of nursing. It aims to provide nursing students with an understanding of the historical development and evolution of nursing theories and their relevance to contemporary nursing practice.

    The course covers topics such as the nature of nursing, nursing theories and models, nursing metaparadigms, and the role of theory in nursing research and practice. It also emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and analysis in the evaluation and application of nursing theories and models.

    Overall, NUR 501 Theoretical Foundation of Nursing plays a crucial role in preparing nursing students to become reflective practitioners who are able to use theory to guide their practice and decision-making. It enables students to develop a deeper understanding of the complex nature of nursing and to use theory to advance the quality of patient care and nursing practice.

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