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    NURS696 Practicum in Nursing Leadership is a course designed to provide nursing students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting. This course typically takes place in the final semester of a nursing program and is designed to help students develop the competencies needed to be successful nursing leaders.

    During the practicum, students work closely with experienced nursing leaders in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and long-term care facilities. They may also work with leaders in other healthcare fields, such as public health, health administration, and healthcare policy.

    The specific objectives of the practicum will vary depending on the institution, but some common goals include:

    1. Developing leadership skills: Nursing students will have the opportunity to observe and learn from experienced nursing leaders and apply these skills in real-world situations. This may include developing communication and collaboration skills, decision-making skills, and critical thinking abilities.
    2. Applying nursing knowledge: Students will apply their nursing knowledge in the context of leadership, such as understanding healthcare policies and regulations, quality improvement, and patient safety initiatives.
    3. Building professional relationships: Students will have the opportunity to network and establish professional relationships with other nursing leaders, as well as other healthcare professionals.
    4. Reflecting on their learning: Students will reflect on their experiences during the practicum and integrate what they have learned into their personal and professional goals.

    Overall, the NURS696 Practicum in Nursing Leadership is an important component of nursing education that provides students with a hands-on experience in nursing leadership. By applying their knowledge and skills in real-world situations, students can develop the competencies they need to become effective nursing leaders and make a positive impact on the healthcare system.

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