OGBH 201: Organisational Behaviour Assignment Help

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    Unit Code: OGBH 201

    Unit Title: Organisational Behaviour

    Length/Duration: Group Presentation: 2 speakers, 8-10 lecture slides, 15 minutes to present. Group report : 2000 words


    Students are required to identify and research into any business person which has a great influence as a leader in the business world. The leader may have offered a new product, discover something new, leading a successful business, make the customers happy or taking risks etc. Once the business leader has been selected, each Group can cover any three (3) to five (5) topics focusing on the leader (depending on the number of members in each group. Each Member must cover one topic). The suggested topics below as part of the presentation as follows:

    1) Important decision (s) the leader has made

    2) Sources of drawing inspiration or ideas from

    3) Dealing with managers and employees

    4) Visions the leader has for the organisation

    5) Challenges the leader has to face

    6) Strengths and weakness of the leader

    7) The risks the leader has undertaken

    8) Lesson(s) we can learn about this person as a leader

    9) Sources/area for leaders to find employees for its organisation

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