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Project Brief: An online medicine ordering and delivery system
The 7Day Chemist would like to have an online medicine ordering and delivery
system for those clients who are not able to visit the chemist physically. The system
should allow public users to make registration to become the members of the 7Days
Chemist. The registered user should be able to login to the system to order the
medicine online. The system should allow the member to upload the prescription (as
an image file) for each order. The chemist manager should be able to view/update the
order and to dispatch the medicine and to make delivery if required.
You and your team are employed to develop this application for 7Day Chemist. The
timeframe is constrained in 12 weeks. The company has no restriction on the platform
used. You may choose to use Java based web application, PHP based web application
or any other technologies. You may also use the commercial available framework
such as Magento. You should research the related technologies for your development.
The application can be either a mobile app on client side or a web application.
For more questions, please discuss with your local lecturer/ supervisor or the unit
coordinator Dr Lily Li

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