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    Bribery has been and continues to be a part of the social structure of many cultures. For example, the American Vice President, Spiro Agnew, resigned from office after it was discovered that he took bribes while serving as Governor of Maryland. In sports, Pakistani cricketers were found guilty of accepting bribes in certain matches against England. Bribery can be in many forms, such as gifts, kickbacks, donations, contributions, share, options or career promotions.

    Define the act of bribery. Using the economic, legal and ethical approaches, analyse the issue of bribery to conclusively demonstrate its position from the moral point of view.

    OUMM3203- Professional Ethics -May semester 2019 (OUM) assignment help

    This assessment task is based on the topic –Bribery which continues to be a part of various social structures and many cultures. There are many forms of bribery like gifts, donations, career promotions, contributions, share etc. The learner, first of all, needs to define what bribery is. Then analyze the bribery issues for conclusively demonstrating the position by utilizing the economic, legal and also ethical approaches.

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