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    You are invited to submit a supplementary assessment to demonstrate your comprehension of the unit material. This first assessment gauged your understanding of the following theoretical concepts:

    • Research for the New Public Health
    • Participatory Research
    • Anti-oppressive Research Methods
    • Indigenous Research

    For this supplementary assessment, you will be writing FIVE short paragraphs (250-300 words each):
    • a summary of one article of the assigned PBHL20006 readings for each week (1 summary for each of the four weeks), articles may be located either on the ereading list tab or via weeks 2-5 Moodle tiles under “Reading”
    • justify the use of participatory health research

    Access the PBHL20006 ereading List (also Available on Moodle) to find the articles

    Some weeks have more than one reading listed. Pick only ONE article from EACH week to summarise.
    • What are the key points of this article? What surprised you about this article? Why?

    When you have completed FOUR article summaries, you will then write your critique.
    • Why should participatory research be used? What are the challenges?

    You will be marked according to the rubric. No matter the mark, this is a PASS or FAIL assessment. Plus submit under the assessment tab marked “Supplementary Assessment” You have ONE WEEK to submit.

    If you have any questions, please email me v.romero@cqu.edu.au.

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