POPP5037 Project Management Skills

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    Project Management Skills Assignment help

    For this assignment you have been provided with two accessible pre-formatted Word
    document templates. Where possible, avoid reformatting the files. This will help in the
    marking and moderation process.

    • Graphics/multimedia: You can include graphics in the templates. For the most part,
    this content will be better suited to the portfolio, although the appropriate use of
    graphics and images, can potentially save a lot of text.
    • Hyperlinks: unlike most academic work, you are positively encouraged to include
    usable hyperlinks in your work (remember to simultaneously use Harvard in-text
    citations). Format your hyperlinks to ‘open’ into a new window. Ensure that the
    link/site can be accessed (e.g. take care with linking to some private social media
    • Punchy text: in your writing make use of bullet points and integrate innovate ways
    of displaying your work, for instance, through smart art, flow charts, tables,
    infographics, etc.
    • Visually appealing: where appropriate, ensure your work makes use of effective and
    well-placed colour and styling.
    • Structure you work: ensure that the reader is able to follow your key messages and
    that there is a natural logic to the description and reflection in each Part of your
    assignment. Your writing must have a well laid out format that is easy to navigate.
    Sub-headings and titles are an effective way to achieve this.
    • Use labels and numbers: give figures, photos and tables numbers and titles.
    • Use consistent style and formatting: do not overcomplicate your styling – keep it
    simple, and accessible and check for consistency. The templates are pre-formatted
    in Calibri.
    • Use colours and colour combinations wisely.
    Remember to attribute the sources of your images, illustrative materials and multimedia.
    Consider carefully what content to include in your work and why they are there. You can
    also create your own multimedia. This is a personal favourite site for easily designing and
    creating multimedia content: https://www.canva.com/.

    You could create other image types, for example, to help with providing evidence for your
    project. These could, for instance, be created using:
    • infograms: see for instance https://piktochart.com/
    • cartoons/storyboards/animations: see for instance https://www.pixton.com/ and
    • word clouds: see for instance https://www.wordclouds.com/

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