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    1 PMI Talent Triangle Self Audit (3 marks)

    Use the key below to complete the three tables of the talent triangle self-audit. You must state where, when, and how you demonstrated the skill for all those you note as being competent or highly competent.

    Not competent


    You have not yet had the opportunity to demonstrate this skill in a practical way, or you have attempted to demonstrate this skill but feel that there is room for significant improvement. You would likely feel quite uncomfortable attempting this skill at work and would need significant assistance.
    Somewhat competent


    You have demonstrated an understanding of this skill perhaps once or twice, and likely in a theoretical way rather than a practical way. For example, you may have used your knowledge of the skill during your analysis of a case study at university.  You might feel a little uncomfortable attempting the skill in industry and would benefit from assistance.


    You have demonstrated this skill practically, not necessarily whilst working in industry. For example, you may have demonstrated you this skill during a practical exercise at university, whilst volunteering or on some occasions at your workplace. You feel relatively comfortable attempting this skill in industry. You might need some assistance depending on the specific context, but could make a reasonable attempt on your own.
    Very Competent


    This level suggests that you would have the experience at the same level of a person who has demonstrated the skill at a competent level multiple times whilst working in industry. You would feel comfortable attempting this skill in industry without any assistance.
    Highly Competent


    This level suggests that you would have the experience at the same level of a person eligible for the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional. For example, you would have demonstrated this skill on many occasions whilst working in industry for several years. You feel very comfortable in demonstrating this skill in industry. You could train others to develop this skill.

    You can access more information about the talent triangle at the following URL:


    Example: Bob works as a senior manager in mining projects, has worked with benefits management during the last three projects he managed. He has learnt and correctly answered exam questions about Agile at university. However he has not used Agile project management at his work.

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