Pre-Assessment Checklist: Task 1 – Knowledge Test

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    The purpose of this checklist

    The pre-assessment checklist helps students determine if they are ready for assessment. The
    trainer/assessor must review the checklist with the student before the student attempts the
    assessment task. If any items of the checklist are incomplete or not clear to the student, the
    trainer/assessor must provide relevant information to the student to ensure they understand the
    requirements of the assessment task. The student must ensure they are ready for the assessment
    task before undertaking it.

    Section 1: Information for Students

    ☐ Make sure you have completed the necessary prior learning before attempting this assessment.
    ☐ Make sure your trainer/assessor clearly explained the assessment process and tasks to be
    ☐ Make sure you understand what evidence is required to be collected and how.
    ☐ Make sure you know your rights and the Complaints and Appeal process.
    ☐ Make sure you discuss any special needs or reasonable adjustments to be considered during the
    assessment (refer to the Reasonable Adjustments Strategy Matrix – Appendix A and negotiate these
    with your trainer/assessor).
    ☐ Make sure that you have access to a computer and the internet (if you prefer to type the answers).
    ☐ Make sure that you have all the required resources needed to complete this assessment task.
    ☐ The due date of this assessment task is in accordance with your timetable.
    ☐ In exceptional (compelling and compassionate) circumstances, an extension to submit an
    assessment can be granted by the trainer/assessor. Evidence of the compelling and compassionate
    circumstances must be provided together with your request for an extension to submit your
    assessment work.
    ☐ The request for an extension to submit your assessment work must be made before the due date.
    Section 2: Reasonable adjustments
    I confirm that I have reviewed the Reasonable Adjustments guidelines and criteria as provided
    in Appendix A and attached relevant evidence as required and select the correct checkbox.
    ☐ I do require reasonable adjustment
    ☐ I do not require reasonable adjustment
    Declaration (Student to complete)
    ☐ I confirm that the purpose and procedure of this assessment task has been clearly explained to
    ☐ I confirm that I have been consulted about any special needs I might have in relation to the
    assessment process.
    ☐ I confirm that the criteria used for this assessment has been discussed with me, as have the
    consequences and possible outcomes of this assessment.
    ☐ I confirm I have accessed and understand the assessment information as provided in the Training
    Organisation’s Student Handbook.
    ☐ I confirm I have been given fair notice of the date, time, venue and/or other arrangements for
    this assessment.
    ☐ I confirm that I am ready for assessment.

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