Assessment Brief:
Explain how digital and social media have changed the practice of public relations. Explore how
corporate communications, media relations and crisis communication are influenced by new media
technologies. Outline how social and digital media can be used for image, reputational purposes.
Discuss how new digital media helps to facilitate two-way communication and analyse how
theories of public relations apply. Please refer to contemporary public relations theories to support
your answer, using references to literature, current case study examples and academic research.
Note: There are two parts (Draft Essay and Final Essay) to this assessment task. Both parts must
be completed in order to fulfill the requirements of this assessment:


Part A: Essay (Draft)
The essay draft must be submitted as a hard copy in class and on the learning portal by the end of
Week 8 and should include:
An introduction
 Context of essay: Digital and social media and public relations
 Purpose of essay: Analyse the influence of digital media on PR
 Outline of essay: Define the key terms of your essay. Explain which PR theories you
will discuss based on the academic discourse around social and digital media.
 An overview of your essay
 The essay statement
A main body:
Give an explanation of the impact of the new media on public relations. Discuss the
impacts of the new media tactics on corporate communications, media relations and crisis
communication. Analyse how digital media can engage audiences and achieve the goals of
public relations strategy. Discuss how new media impacts on the image and reputation of
organisations using academic references and provide examples using mini case studies.
Explore which theories and principles of public relations (at least two) can be applied in the
digital media context.
A Reference list:
At least seven (7) academic references (academic journal articles).
A Bibliography:
List additional resources (news articles, websites) used to complete the academic essay
Please submit the essay draft as a WORD document (NOT .pdf) via the assessments section of
the learning portal by 11:55pm on the Sunday evening of WEEK 8 and a hard copy in class.
Part B: Final Essay
Based on the lecturer feedback on your draft complete writing the essay abiding by academic
essay structure.
 ESSAY must be 2000 words (+/-) (NOT including Reference & Bibliography).
 Please note this is a formal piece of writing that presents a discussion of both theory and
practice of PR
 Support your arguments with academic evidence and specific mini case-study type
examples. The essay must contain at least seven (7) relevant academic references.
 Use proper in-text referencing
 Please refer to the ‘Academic Skills’ section of the learning portal for support on how to
write an academic essay
 Please submit the final essay in WEEK 11 on the learning portal, with all feedback and
changes incorporated.
See marking criteria on next page.

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