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    Despite the plethora of project management methodologies, tools and templates available and being applied,evidence indicates that there still exists a high proportion of project failures (as measured by schedule delays, costoverruns and quality concerns). As part of improved project governance, many organisation’s have therefore beenundertaking a review of the effectiveness of the early stage gates in place (otherwise known as project gatewayreviews). In many cases it has been found that the ‘governance’ around these early stage gates may not have been aseffectives as it should or could have been and therefore are now seeking advice from you as to how to improve theirproject investment decision making. A key focus is therefore providing greater assistance in making the ‘prudency’decision (i.e. is it ‘prudent’ to go ahead and invest in the proposed initiative or project?).
    As a result, you have been asked to develop and submit a report for the project governance group to review. Ittherefore should provide advice on what needs to be considered to assist the organisation with the ‘prudency’decision. In preparing the report, give consideration as to which specific stage gates are included and the variouselements and/or tools that you deem necessary to help inform project investment decision making (and why).


    consider what are the key elements and tools that you believe are important to be included (and why you believethem to be important). Your report should also be reflective of the key elements covered during the course and bedesigned to assist stage gate decision makers with greater confidence with their project investment decision makingprocess.

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