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    This assignment is intended to help you learn to do the following:

    • Summarize the purpose of the risk assessment
    • Describe the scope of the risk assessment
    • Describe the overall level of risk
    • Describe how risk relates to a system security policy. [NSA SRA 1]

    About the Risk Assessment Report

    Write a comprehensive risk assessment report, using the Risk Assessment Reports Template as a guide. You will complete three different sections of this report over the duration of this course. Feel free to edit minor components of the template depending on your report subject choice. However, every section of the report must be completed.

    This risk assessment report, adapted from NIST’s Special Publication 800-30, provides the essential elements of information that organizations can use to communicate the results of risk assessments.  Risk assessment results provide decision makers with an understanding of the information security risk to organizational operations and assets, individuals, other organizations, or the nation that derive from the operation and use of organizational information systems and the environments in which those systems operate.


    Complete the Executive Summary section of your report:

    • Choose oneof the following to conduct a risk assessment on: an organization (Tier 1), a mission/business process (Tier 2), or an information system (Tier 3). If possible, base your report on a real case. In the absence of this, base your report on a hypothetical case.
    • Create a discussion post describing your choice so that your professor can approve it or help you revise it. If your report is based on a real case, please discuss and gain necessary approval from the company’s leadership, business process owner, or whomever needs to approve the collection of data before posting your choice.
    • Follow the guidance in the Executive Summary section of the Risk Assessment Reports Template when writing your report. Note: You may need to revise this section during Module 6 when you submit your full report in order to provide other relevant details.

    Action Items

    1. Read the Risk Assessment Reports Template.
    2. Post the description of your choice to the discussion. Modify it as needed based on your professor’s feedback.
    3. Conduct research as needed to obtain information and support.
    4. Complete the Executive Summary section of your report according to the Risk Assessment Reports Template guidelines.

    Submission Instructions

    • By Wednesday of Module 1, post your report choice to the discussion.
    • By the due date indicated, upload your work.

    Grading Criteria

    Read the assignment rubric to understand how your work will be assessed.

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