Risk Management assignment (FIN413) – Skyline University College

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    The Topic for your assignment

     Working of Financial Markets and the risk faced by these markets in the global perceptive.

    As the world of business becomes increasingly global, the relevance of financial market becomes very importance. Financial markets, although sensitive to the risk-return trade-offs of their shareholders, are concerned about total risks when they do risk management. Consequently, these institutions face a variety of challenges and risks. In the light of these you are required to:

    Section I—A brief summary of Different Financial Markets. (5% Marks)

    Section II – Importance of the Foreign Exchange Markets, Money Markets, Bond Markets, Credit market, and Stock Market. (30% Marks)

    Section III – Financial Institutions and personal financing (10 Marks)

    Section IV—List out and explain the various Risks faced by these markets and prepare hedging strategies to minimize these risks.   (50% Marks)

    Section V- you are required to give a brief conclusion of the studies.  (5% Marks)

    Risk Management assignment (FIN413)-Skyline University College

    This assessment task is based on the topic-“Working on financial markets along with the risks faced by markets in today’s global world. The project comprises of five sections. The student has to elaborate on the points which are mentioned in the question file.

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