S2-2017-CIS8010- Information Systems Project Management

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Description: Professional Business Report
All assessment items in this course are to be completed by students as individuals and NOT
as group assessments. Email submissions will NOT be accepted in any circumstances. The
assignment needs to be submitted as a PDF file, and then submitted via the link provided
on the course study desk.
You are encouraged to discuss the assignments with others to improve your understanding
and to clarify the requirements, but you should develop the solutions to the assessment
items on your own.
Assignment 3 – Witten Report
Value: 35 % (Marked out of 100 for each item)
In the written report for the CEO, you must at least do the following adequately:
1 Make necessary assumptions with justifications about the business and
articulate these in the report (one-page maximum).
2 Provide an management plan for how the project will be implemented
within the organisation which includes: (8-pages maximum)
•Planning – Using the project plan developed in assignment 2 use
PERT to further analyse the time estimates and then identify the
critical path of the project.
•Management – Provide a brief description of how the project
will be managed, including the reporting requirements. The
management of the project should state the process groups and
knowledge areas that are applicable to the project.
•Managing Risk – Provide description of how the the risk of the
project will be measured during the project. Include a graphical
representation of the risk analysis.
•Monitoring, review and evaluation – Provide a description of
how the the success of the project will be measured.
•Resource management – Provide a description of how the project
team will be established and managed to assure the success of the
project during the life of the project.
•Cost management – Provide justification of the investment
through various costing models covered in this course.
•Product–Provide an outline of the product development
methodology that will be used to develop the product.
3 Provide a Recommendation & Conclusion with supporting arguments (half
page maximum).
This should be a professional business report, fully researched and developed with
supporting arguments sourced from credible journals.
Other Report Submission Requirements:
For this assignment, you MUST use a plagiarism detection application to ensure that your
work is plagiarism free. Please note that TURNITIN can take time to generate the report,
and you are advised to submit your assignment through TURNITIN or any other
application well in advance to avoid last minute delays.
Note also:
1 Remember to state your assumptions clearly prior to developing the above
documents and your modeling.
2 The final report is to be submitted through UConnect in PDF format.
Submission in any other format or by any other means will be treated as a
3 You are expected to thoroughly research your work and provide adequate
references and citations within your report.

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