SS5005 Youth, resistance and social control 2018-9

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    Code: SS5005

    Subject: Youth, resistance and social control 2018-9

    Essay 3000 words

    Use Harvard Referencing

    Please answer ONE question.

    Weighting 60%

    • Critically assess whether the August 2011 riots were a revolt of failed consumers or a protest against social injustice.
    • Does the sphere of consumption represent an area of free choice and identity construction for young people?
    • What were the strengths and weaknesses of the Occupy movement?
    • Does rap and hip-hop music contribute to negative attitudes towards women and\or promote violent behaviour among young men?
    • Living in disadvantaged areas negatively affects the life chances of young people. Discuss.
    • Critically appraise Elijah Anderson’s concept of “street” and “decent” families.
    • Why did the “lads” in Willis’s study “Learning to Labour” rebel against school education?
    • How can girls’ and young women’s involvement in gangs be explained? Discuss, using the case study of the US and\or the UK.
    • Explain the link between the social constructions of masculinity and youth crime.
    • Discuss an example of a contemporary youth subculture, including its code of conduct and social rituals, and the presence (or absence) of an internal hierarchy.
    • How can football hooligans’ violence be explained?
    • What explains the emergence of youth criminal gangs in Russia in the 1990s?
    • “Labelling of people as deviants creates a ‘self-fulfilling prophesy’”. Discuss, with particular reference to Howard Becker’s “Outsiders” and William Chambliss’s “Saints and Roughnecks”.
    • Critically explore Jack Katz’s idea that youth violence is not caused by pressures on offenders, but results from the emotional seductions of crime.
    • “Lack of opportunities to succeed explains young people’s involvement in gangs”. Discuss.


    Reading List

    Understanding youth in late modernity (Book  by France, Alan  2007  Core)

    Youth in crisis?: ‘gangs’, territoriality and violence (Book  by Goldson, Barry  2011  Core)

    Youth & crime (Book  by Muncie, John  2015  Core)

    Gangs of Russia: from the streets to the corridors of power (Book  by Stephenson, Svetlana  2015  Core)

    The class ceiling: why it pays to be privileged (Book  by Friedman, Sam; Laurison, Daniel  2019  Core – chapters 8 and 9)


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