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    QUESTION 1  [30 MARKS]

    Strategic management remains undertheorised in the public sector, because the issues it raises straddle three distinct but related fields of analysis – the political, the policy-related and the managerial. At the theoretical level, making progress requires teasing out all three potential dimensions of the term.

    (Stewart, 2004)

    In South African government planning, strategic plans, from the National Development Plan down to provincial and municipal plans, are all required to interlink. (For purposes of this assignment we have not gone to municipal level.) Hence Stewart’s “three distinct but related fields of analysis – the political, the policy-related and the managerial” are also required to interlink, from top to bottom and nationwide.
    For your chosen provincial department, provide an outline and critical analysis of the links between “the political, the policy-related and the managerial” in matters of strategic planning and strategic management (10 marks). Your analysis should extend to evaluating the department’s vision, mission and values (10 marks), and to evaluating the coherence and feasibility of the department’s stated strategy (10 marks).
    You will find it useful to refer again to Jenny Stewart’s classic article:

    Stewart, J. 2004, ‘The meaning of strategy in the public sector’, Australian Journal of Public Administration, 63 (4), 16-21, (accessed 1 March 2018).

    QUESTION 2  [20 MARKS]
    Choose two of the analytical tools discussed in this course (SWOT, PESTLE, and so on) and apply them to your chosen provincial government department. Your analyses need to be realistic – that is, based on actual, current facts and figures, which you will have to research.
    As you write, imagine that you will be sending your analyses to a colleague who is unfamiliar with the analytical tools you have chosen, and include an explanation of each step or sphere of the analysis.
    Each analysis should conclude with a clear summary of your findings, and of the implications for the department’s stated strategy.
    QUESTION 3   [25 MARKS]
    Create a business plan for your chosen provincial government department, or for one of the subsidiaries of that department (for example, a hospital, museum or heritage site that falls under the department’s jurisdiction).
    In the introduction to your business plan (8 marks), provide a critical analysis of the differences between public and private sector business plans. While this analysis will include generic elements, it should provide specific and logical references to the department or subsidiary you have chosen
    QUESTION 4   [25 MARKS]
    Create a strategy evaluation framework (complete with any useful matrices and checklists) for your chosen provincial government department (12 marks). Then evaluate how effective the department’s strategies have been to date (13 marks).
    In creating your evaluation framework, be sure to set out and critically justify the key strategic organisational failure and success factors that inform the framework.
    Again, your evaluation needs to be realistic – based on actual, current facts and figures, which you will have to research.

    Total Marks: 100

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