Sustainable and Responsible Business in the 21st Century – Contemporary Issues

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    Module Title:

    Sustainable and Responsible Business in the 21st   Century – Contemporary Issues

    Assessment Title:




    Task Details

    Individually prepare a briefing in essay form. The project should be the equivalent of 1,500 words.

    The project title is:

    Discuss the potential benefits and challenges for business in relation to the adoption of the Global Compact focussing on human rights.  

    You must seek approval from your seminar tutor for both the issue you wish to focus on and the form your presentation will take. 

    Warning: your tutor may not be able to agree to your first choice of issue or presentation form so you must seek their approval in sufficient time to allow you to change your plans if necessary.

    A good project will:

    • Clearly      identify the nature of the problem to be addressed, how it affects      business and/or how business contributes to the problem
    • Present and debate a variety of perspectives on the issue by identifying the stakeholders and how they are affected (e.g. arguments for and against the responsible business practice in this area, issues that constitute dilemmas for business, i.e. are difficult to address, and any differences in viewpoint between the various stakeholders involved).
    • Clearly articulate a range of potential solutions and acknowledge issues/difficulties/challenges in delivering on those solutions.

    You must ensure that any sources you use are fully and correctly referenced according to the academic convention.  The references will not be included in the word count.


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