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ENO300- Advanced mechanics Management Mechanical Engineering Assignment help

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Code- ENO300 Assignment help Subject- Mechanical Engineering Assignment help Question: (a) Identify the reaction forces at the supporting points A and B. (b) Determine the internal bending moment M(x) and derive the moment−deflection equation. (c) Find the expression of deflection curve by integrating the equation and applying the boundary conditions. A simplified diagram of an overhead [...]

BMO6506 Work and Organisation Systems – Assessment 3

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Subject Code: BMO6506 Subject Name: Work and Organisation Systems Assessment 3: Presentation (Group) Weight: 20% Presentation (groups of 3-4, 20-minutes (15 minutes talk & 5 minutes discussion) Due: commencing from Week 7 to Week 11. Task: I. Select a topic for the day as per the unit guide schedule – II. Outline selected theory and III. Use a [...]

BMO6506 Work and Organisation Systems – Assessment 1

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Subject Code: BMO6506 Subject Name: Work and Organisation Systems Assessment 1: Individual, Critical analysis reflective paper (1000 words) Weight: 20% Background The changing nature of the workplace In the1990’s the workplace was predominantly stable with many staff staying with the organisation or with a view to for life. In 2017, this traditional career arrangement is challenged. Rather, today [...]

U25291 Financial Management

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Subject Code: U25291 Subject Name: Financial Management Assignment Task Case Study Southsea Flight School offers flying lessons at a small municipal airport. Generally, performance reports are prepared monthly. Mr. Michael, the school’s owner and manager, has been attempting to evaluate performance and control costs using a variance report that compares the planning budget to actual results. [...]

BUSN2050 Sports Management

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Subject Code: BUSN2050 Subject Name: Sports Management Assignment Task Efforts have been made in sport management to identify the characteristics and methods of educating elite athlete women. A review of these efforts shows that, in general, three main attributes include underlying factors (such as full-time athlete support programs), process factors (such as creating competitive opportunities at different [...]

ICT375 Advanced Web Programming

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Subject Code: ICT375 Subject Name: Advanced Web Programming Assessment Task Overview: The assignment consists of a software application development component and a report. The software component requires you to develop a client and server architecture based application. The server is to be implemented using Node.js. You should re-use (modify and expand as needed) the server you [...]

7902AFE Business Economics – Monopolistic Competition – Concept of Price Elasticity

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Code: 7902AFE Subject: Business Economics Task Question-1 “In the monopolistic competition, a few firms sell differentiated products” Explain this statement by highlighting important features of this kind of a market. Substantiate your answer by a live example. Also explain how the equilibrium in this kind of a market is different from a long run equilibrium under perfect [...]