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BNV7008- Advanced quantification & built environment engineering assignment help

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Code- BNV7008 assignment help Subject- Engineering assignment help Question: Learning Outcomes to be assessed: 1.Describe and quantify selected complex elements of building and civil engineering works in accordance with Standard Methods of Measurement. 2.Critically analyse and evaluate construction design data represented in 2D, 3D and 4D drawings and specification information to compile measurements for use in [...]

MEM234008A – Design plant using computer simulations engineering assignment help

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Code – MEM234008A Assignment Help Subject – Engineering Assignment Help Question: The process we follow is known as competency-based assessment. This means that evidence of your current skills and knowledge will be measured against national standards of best practice, not against the learning you have undertaken either recently or in the past. Some of the assessment [...]

300886- Advantages & disadvantages of modular construction Engineering assignment help

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Code – 300886 Assignment Help Subject – Engineering Assignment Help Question: This is individual work and must be completed separately from your group assignment. For a suitable system related to the given project write a 2000 word report on ONE of the following topics: 1.Low energy transfer lightweight roofing system. 2."Green garden" facade assemblies for residential [...]