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NIT1202 – Operating Systems, UNIX Script Assignment

Tasks: You are required to write a Bourne Again Shell Script (bash) to manage a menu driven program. When executed the user should be presented with a menu with 4 (four) options: 1. Print the following user information: the home directory, path, userid , login shell together with the current date and time. 2. Ask a user a range and it displays eight random number between the range. [Range difference must be 100. Example Enter a range: 200 300 3. Print out the highest and the lowest numbers of the generated eight random numbers 4. Exit the program Requirements: Your script…


Assignment1: Role of OS Operating System and CLI | MN404 – T3 2017

Fundamentals of Operating Systems and Java Programming Assignment 1 Specifications ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________________________________________________________________________________ Section 1:  Operating Systems   An operating system consists of four essential subsystem managers such as Memory Manager, Processor Manager, Device Manager and File Manager. When a user executes a command explain with a flow chart how these managers cooperate with each other to get a job done. Research the Internet or current literature to identify an operating system that runs a cell phone or handheld computer. (These are generally known as mobile operating systems.) List the key features of the operating system and the hardware it is designed to…

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