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BUS354- Analyse the chosen retailer’s loyalty program & propose the learning customer relationship Management assignment help

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Code – BUS354 Assignment Help Subject – Customer relationship Management Assignment Help SECTION I A retailer’s relationship with their customer is key to repeat store visits, brand loyalty and ultimately sales conversions. CRM in retail isn’t a new concept, but is one that could help retailers win the battle for sales in these competitive times. Read [...]

MNG03218 | MIS Assessment I Research Proposal | Management

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The main goal of this assessment is to assess the capability of the learner for developing the comprehensive implementation proposal for IS (Information System) utilizing the system approach.  The learner is required to choose the information system out of the list which is provided in the question paper. The learner can also combine features of two [...]


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US Bright produces a list of the activities performed at Cravings for cakes and their annual costs. In addition, Bright identifies an activity driver for each activity and the annual quantity of each activity driver. A partial list of activity costs and quantities of activity drivers is shown below: Cravings for Cakes list of Activities Activity [...]

Write critical review on using technology to improve data management practices

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In this assignment we need to write the various implications of applying technology in organizations to improve data management services. For large organization it is not possible to handle information of organization without use of technology. Now organizations have reached to a point where they are mining and analyzing their customer and service data to improve [...]

BUS5SMM Guidelines for Management assignment (Assessment 3)

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The aim of this assignment is to conduct a management analysis of Tassal - The report should contain the following elements (please see marking rubrics for more details):  #  Background, introduction and importance of company to the Australian and international business landscape: Focus on its international business environment and funnel it down to Australian base  # [...]