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MKT103A: Integrated Marketing Communications

Title: Integrated Marketing Communications Code: MKT103A  Assessment 1: Influencer Reflection Analysis Length: 1000 words Context The world of marketing is changing. As marketers, we rely on a wide variety of Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) tools. These have progressed and expanded from what is now considered traditional forms of marketing, to new ways and methods of creating communication. These new methods are based on influencing our target audience through people/videos/blogs and not just ad campaigns. Of course, how and why these forms of communication work will always depend on your target audience. This assessment is designed to introduce you to understanding influencer…


MKT103A – Integrated Marketing Communications

Code – MKT103A Subject – Integrated Marketing Communications Assessment 3- Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign Plan Part A – Written Campaign – 2000 words (+/-10%)  Part B – Campaign Pitch – 10 minutes (+/- 10%) Context This assessment has been designed for you to apply the skills and theory you have learned by creating an Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) plan for a real client, which your MKT103A Assessment 3 Brief Page 2 of 9 group will select. You will use the insights you have gained through the reflection analyses in assessments 1 and 2, and apply them to create an IMC plan…