MRKT20052 Assessment 2: Marketing Plan

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MRKT20052 Assessment 2: Marketing Plan Students are required to choose ONE of four businesses/products listed in Moodle. These are new products/services which will be introduced into the Australian market early in 2020. This assessment requires students to work individually on their selected business/product to create a comprehensive strategic marketing plan with a maximum word limit of [...]

MRKT20052 Marketing Management and Digital Communications

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1 A1 - Portfolio Articles Analysis Task: Students are required to select two electronic articles during the term, that have been published on either of the following marketing news websites, relevant to marketing issues and/or concepts: Marketing Week (2018) - OR American Marketing Association (2018) - The article selected is required to have been [...]

MRKT20052 Assessment 1A: Portfolio Articles Analysis

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MRKT20052 Assessment 1A: Portfolio Articles Analysis Weight: 10% Word limit: Maximum of 1,000 words for your selected article For this assessment, each student will choose any ONE of the two articles provided below and write a reflective analysis. This is an individual assessment with a maximum word limit of 1,000 words for the article analysis excluding [...]

Marketing for Managers !

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Task Description Individual Written Task - 3 This individual written task 3 is directly related to your mid-term assessment (i.e., individual written task 2). This final task is a summative assessment and a portfolio that builds upon the assessment task 2. Therefore, this final task requires your knowledge, skills, experience, and feedback that you learned from [...]

MRKT20052 Marketing for Managers

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MRKT20052  - Assessment 1: Task Description This assessment task requires you to conduct a situational analysis that consists of a comprehensive external and internal analysis for a new product or service from the pre-determined list available in the unit's Moodle page (see assessment section). This assessment sets the foundations for assessment 2. You are required to [...]