With worrying issue on shortage of manpower in UK hospitality industry talent acquisition assignment help

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    Subject- Talent acquisition assignment help

    Talent Acquisition and HRM In The UK Hospitality Industry

    Assignment Requirements:

    The assessment strategy is based on an industry-based report of a maximum of 3000 words. The industry project allows students to demonstrate their ability to collect and analyze information and to formulate evidence-based commercial recommendations.

    (1) The report should be a maximum of 3000 words in length. Indicate the word count on the title page of your report. Please do not go over this maximum limit as additional words are not marked. Please use Harvard Referencing and number your pages in the report.

    (2) The report provides you with the opportunity to demonstrate your creativity and innovation in terms of design, format, and layout. Unlike a traditional academic essay or report, the use of color and images is encouraged to produce a professional, glossy feel for your industry mentor.

    (3) Your report content will be based on academic theory learned to date and industry sourced data.

    (4) The structure of the report is as follows:

    1. Title Page (Name of the report, date, etc)
    2. Executive summary (Summary of key points)
    3. Table of Contents
    4. Introduction (Split into sub-headings of Background, Challenges, Approach)
    5. Methods (What led to the findings)
    6. Findings (Results, research, calculation)
    7. Conclusion (Drawn from findings)
    8. Recommendations (Things that should be done as a result) (should be specific, realistic and soundly underpinned with evidence)
    9. Bibliography (Books, articles, reports; anything referred to in your report)
    10. Appendices


    With the worrying issue on the shortage of manpower in the UK hospitality industry, along with the current Coronavirus situation and Brexit agreement that is due to end in 2020, the UK is due to be facing labor difficulties. As such, in order to save time and money, it is fundamental that hotels find ways to better attract and retain talented candidates. Therefore, this project will highlight the important elements of selecting, recruiting, and retaining candidates as well as present the importance and differences of employer branding within UK hospitality industries during this difficult period.

    Project Objectives:

    • To understand the strategies behind hospitality establishments on how they attract, recruit, and retain candidates.
    • To prove methods of how hospitality industries in the UK attract and recruit talents
    • Have a clearer understanding of the importance of employer branding and how it can benefit the organization
    • Compare and contrast 2 or more hospitality industries in the UK on how their different brand images have a key factor in attracting talents
    • Develop a better understanding of how the hospitality industries are adapting to millennials’ demands

    Outline Of Key Academic Theories That Have To Be Used To Support Your Statements In The Report:

    • Herzberg’s Motivation-Hygiene Theory
    • Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs
    • Organizational Behavior Theory
    • Employer Branding Theories
    • Other theories that you find relevant to support your argument

    With worrying issue on shortage of manpower in UK hospitality industry talent acquisition assignment help

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