Write critical review on using technology to improve data management practices

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    In this assignment we need to write the various implications of applying technology in organizations to improve data management services. For large organization it is not possible to handle information of organization without use of technology. Now organizations have reached to a point where they are mining and analyzing their customer and service data to improve their product and make their services more better.
    Bruce Schneier introduced  the Triangle (People, Process, Technology ),  as back then organizations are focusing only on technology for security of their organization.
    Assignment 1
    Gartner (2015) has provided an overview of various Enterprise Information Management concepts, Tools and Technology in the EIM Hype Cycle 2015 (Figure below).
    You can also find the hype cycle and related documents from the Gartner Website. You need to login through the UniSA library link (under the database section) Please review the relevant articles and select two concepts/ technologies from the Gartner EIM Hype Cycle 2015 and write a critical review to consider various implications of applying these two concepts/ technologies to improve the current data management practices in organizations.
    #  You may want to use the TOP (Technology, Organization, People) Framework to categorise the implications
    #  You may want to introduce some real world examples where the chosen concepts/ technologies were adopted.
    #  You may use other library data sources to conduct further research to explain the concept/ technologies better. Use the Gartner database link on the library site to access the full article “Hype Cycle for Enterprise Information Management”.
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