WUCB130: Introduction to Management

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    Students need to demonstrate:
    1. They have identified one management problem
    2. Know how to solve it
    3. How they are going to argue that their solution is correct
    Essay Outline Structure
    Step 1 – Summary of the newspaper article briefly say (approximately 50 words):

    a. what is the newspaper about?

    b. what is the situation or context?

    c. Where does it take place?

    d. Who is involved, affected or might be interested?

    Step 2 – Identify the management problem briefly say (approximately 25 words):

    a. What is the main management problem?

    Step 3 – What is the solution? briefly say (approximately 100 words):

    a. Why this solution?

    b. What does the evidence say? *this is where you need to use management theory or framework or model.

    c. How would it work?

    d. Why would it work?

    Essay Outline Marking Allocations
    You are being assessed on your ability to use management theory or framework or model:

    – Identifying a suitable management theory or framework or model

    – Giving a brief but accurate definition of the management theory (a clear and coherent argument why this is a good theory to use)

    – How well you explain the management theory: *focus and direct explanation of the relevance of the theory to the management problem

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