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Assessment 2 – Report on HR Planning and Recruitment

Due date: Week 6 Monday 18 December 2017 5.00PM  Extensions. Any requests for extension must be submitted through the CQU system at least 48 hours prior to the due date, with relevant supporting documents. Late submissions without approval will result in a penalty of 5% (1.5 marks) per day. Weighting: 30%  Length: 1,750 words ± 10% (including executive summary, introduction, heading and subheadings, and conclusion but excluding title page and reference list) Before starting this assessment, please read the attached assessment guidelines that includes the assessment rubric and refer to Academic Learning Centre and CQU Library Help pages for the guidelines regarding writing academic reports….


BUSINESS REPORT : HRM practices in CERA !!

Business report Value: 60% Due date: 15-May-2017 Return date: 05-Jun-2017 Length: 2,500 words+/-10%. Submission method options Alternative submission method Task Assessment 2 requires you to prepare a business report that addresses one (1) of the following three options. These questions relate to Topics 2, 3 and 4.    Option 1– Work design pilot at CERA (Topic 2) Refer to the story of CERA relating to work design in Topic 2. Using the information in the topic and at least 10 additional sources, provide advice to Rachel Amaro on how to design jobs in her area to support innovative behaviour. At least five of the additional…


HRMT20024 : Report on recruitment in an industry/organisation

  HRMT20024 Term 1 2017 Assessment 3            Report on recruitment in an industry/organisation Due date Week 12 Monday 29 May 17:00 Any requests for extension must be submitted through the CQU system at least 48 hours prior to the due date, with relevant supporting documents. Late submissions without approval will result in a penalty of 5% per day. Assessment 3 has 45 marks, and 2.25 marks will be deducted for each calendar day of delayed submission Weighting 45% Length 2000 words ± 10% (including executive summary, introduction, heading and subheadings, recommendations and conclusion but excluding title page and reference list) Learning…


HRMT20025 – Assessment Item 2

REPORT You are a HR Manager who is employed at the Altona manufacturing plant of Toyota Australia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Toyota Motor Corporation. Your organisation has decided to relocate in 2017 a manager from its Melbourne plant to a sister plant in the United States of America. You are asked to write a background briefing report for this manager outlining the employment relations and human resource management issues that will impact on the working life of this manager in the United States of America (40 marks). Word Length: 2500-3000 words Please note that information that is relevant to this…


HRMT20024 Managing Human Resources

| Assessment Task 2: Report on Employment Relations (35%) Due Date Week 6 Monday (17-Apr-2017) 05:00 PM AEST Return Date Week 9 Monday (08-May-2017) This is an estimated date only. Assignments will be returned after the marking and moderation processes are completed. Sometimes there might be a delay pending contingencies. Also, late submissions will result in significant delays in returning your assignments. Conditions No Conditions Task Description Case Study: The assessment item is based on the case study titled Constructive Relations at Top Trucking Company (Pages 169-170 of the textbook): Based on this case study, write a business report that answers all the three…



EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: People form an integral part of the organization and are of paramount importance when it comes to its success. The efficiency of any organization depends on the efficiency of its human resource. Due to which it becomes important to have right number and right kinds of people at the right places, at the right time. And in order to choose right people at right place, the need for recruitment and selection process arises. Recruitment and selection process is one of the most important strategic functions of management. Often the terms are used together but are different in nature. Recruitment…



 INTRODUCTION: Social networking is basically defined as use of social media platforms to make connections with friends, family and other relatives by sitting anywhere in the world. In today’s modern business world, we all have access to mobile phones, tabs, laptops and especially internet almost every time and everywhere.  Thus it comes quite impossible for us to spend our day without interacting with some form of social media. The growth of social media has tremendously changed the way people communicate with each other. It mainly includes sites such as Facebook, whatsapp, instagram, LinkedIn and many more.  Along with the advancing the…


Why Corporate Social Responsibility is important- assignment help !

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY TOWARDS COMPANY’S GROWTH: Customers may rely on corporations for their goods and services. But.. depending upon the level of competition, Corporations cannot survive only by providing quality goods at reasonable prices. Customers , now a days also take into account the activities of corporation outside the work place and how they are positively impacting the community. Being socially responsible means that the organisation including its people should behave ethically towards various aspects of society. It includes sensitivity towards cultural, economic, environmental & social aspects. Striving for social responsibility will help the individuals or organisation to have a positive…


Selection process as a function of HRM – Assignment help !

SELECTION PROCESS-AN OVERVIEW: The selection process starts after the process of recruitment. While recruitment is an effort to attract more and more persons to apply for the job, selection process involves eliminating unsuitable persons and selecting only those candidates who are suitable for job. Hence recruitment is termed as a positive process whereas selection is referred to as a negative process. So, selection process is defined as a tool to differentiate between the candidates who meets the required qualifications and can perform well in achieving the organizational goals, by applying various techniques such as interview, tests and physical examination etc. NEED…


Recruitment process as a function of HRM – Assignment help !

RECRUITMENT-AN OVERVIEW: Recruitment and selection is one of the important functions of HRM. Both these terms are often used interchangeably but are quite different from each other.  Recruitment is a positive process that involves attracting more and more people to apply for the job whereas selection involves choosing the most suitable candidate for the various jobs. So, Recruitment is defined as a process of searching for the employees required for job and stimulating them to apply for the job. PROCESS OF RECRUITMENT: Process of recruitment passes through the following stages: Finding out the sources of recruitment Developing techniques to attract the…