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Marketing is sum total of activities involved in the buying and selling of goods and services. in simple words,if you have a product and you want the consumers to buy it, the number of activities you indulge yourself in from advertising to brand awareness, from creating goodwill to creating an edge over competitors and from target marketing to market positioning everything comes within the preview of marketing. Moreover the students now a day are continuously adopting for marketing as their main subject in graduation or diploma courses. The reason might be their increasing interest in this field or out of their capability to quality market research and analysis. 

But it must not be forgotten that assignments are the integral part of today’s education system and specially when it comes to marketing subject, the students were asked to make a number of marketing plans and to do quality researches as a part of their coursework. Students find it difficult to come up with perfect solutions out of the complexity of the subject.

What is marketing?

Marketing is an important business terminology which usually means sum total of activities  used for creating place, possession as well as time utilities. in simple words it is the process responsible for understanding the needs of customers and making efforts to fulfill them for the profits. it is important to note here that if the organizations aims to generate more profits, it will not be successful but on the other hand if the main motive of business is to fulfill the needs of their customers, the profits will began to generate automatically. Profit earning is the no doubt the ultimate aim of every business thus the organizations in order to achieve this legitimate goals requires to keep in mind the needs of all the stakeholders which includes employees, customers, suppliers, society etc. 

Thus it is clear that marketing is the core function of every business organization  as it helps in building relationship with customers and helps us in achieving the goal of both profit maximization and customer satisfaction. 


  • Realizing organizational goals
  • consumer oriented
  • Involves integrated action
  • long term effect
  • faster penetration
  • better products and services

Marketing assignment and homework help

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Marketing Assignment Sample


MKT570 – What is IMC? – Blog Discussion !

What is IMC? – Blog Discussion IMC or “Integrated Marketing Communications” can be defined as the integration of all the promotional tools of an organization so that common marketing objectives can be accomplished. It is an amalgamation of the various advertising/marketing/ and other communication tools of an organization so that there can be the maximization of profits. It is important to create effective IMC messages as well as images so that they can convey the right meaning to the consumers. As defined by Belch et al. (2014), the latest technologies such as mobile devices, internet, and traditional marketing channels are modifying…


MKT570 – Integrated Marketing Communications!

Assessment item A1: What is IMC? – Blog Discussion Task: Write a Post on IMC addressing the following topics: In your own words, define and discuss IMC using your text and at least 4 other academic resources (i.e. academic journals etc.) Briefly discuss how IMC has been utilised well using 2 Australian organisations of your choice. Discuss how IMC plays a significant role in the overall marketing and business strategy Ensure you define IMC using theory and research (to support your opinion) and then discuss its application using the organisation chosen and explaining how it has worked in your own words. Your audience is your…


MKT8001 Buyer Behaviour – Consumer Analysis

Assignment 1: Consumer Analysis Length: 1500-2000 words (approximately) For this assignment you will be required to critically analyse your own purchase behaviour.  You need to select one significant purchase that you have made in the last 12 months. It might be significant due to the importance of the product, or the expense involved or the time it took to make the purchase decision. In other words, the decision to purchase the product or service should represent a high involvement decision for you and could be anything from a car, to a piece of clothing, a holiday or a phone. Once…


MKT 501 – Markets, segments and decision making

Task: In a marketing audit you need to consider and evaluate the opportunities and threats, the organisation’s segments and the consumer decision-making process for their primary target market. Using Aldi as a case study, and incorporating theoretical concepts into your discussion from chapters 2, 4, 5 and 6 of the Pride, et al. (2012), and with the use of other theoretical sources and secondary research, please discuss the following: 1) Briefly describe the industry market for your organisation and applying the PESTLE macro model, evaluate current opportunities and threats facing Aldi. 2)  Describe the nature of competition in your industry….

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