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ASSIGNMENT QUESTIONS QUESTION 1  [30 MARKS] “ Strategic management remains undertheorised in the public sector, because the issues it raises straddle three distinct but related fields of analysis – the political, the policy-related and the managerial. At the theoretical level, making progress requires teasing out all three potential dimensions of the term. (Stewart, 2004) In South African government planning, strategic plans, from the National Development Plan down to provincial and municipal plans, are all required to interlink. (For purposes of this assignment we have not gone to municipal level.) Hence Stewart’s “three distinct but related fields of analysis – the political, the…


BUSM4409 – Information and Technology Management

Assignment task: Scenario: You’re employed as the Coffee Construction Australia’s (CCA) senior project director/manager and you have recently completed your Master of Project Management at RMIT. You have been tasked by the Jim Coffee (the firm’s chief construction executive) with investigating the ‘best practice’ information systems (IS) used to manage similar businesses. You are in the process of investigating various information systems when Jim Coffee says that he wants you to prepare a management report for the senior leadership team’s next meeting. Some members of the senior leadership team have expressed some concerns about moving away from their current business practices…


MKT520, Managing Product and Service Innovation assignment help

If you are looking for MKT520, Managing Product and Service Innovation assignment help, our expert tutors are ready to help you. Task Background Assessment 1 is  a low value (10%), progress check-in on Assessment Item 2 – the innovation audit of your workplace or organisation of choice. It also provides the opportunity for you to share with your fellow students what you are learning about innovation as well as the background and capabilities of the organisation you are examining. Understanding the focus of the various assessment tasks in MKT520 Assessments 1 & 2 and Assessment 3 & 4 are complementary. You…


MN6008 – Business Strategy

Assessment 2 Individual Reflective Report An individual reflective report ( max 3,000 words) on the use of tools like VALUE CHAIN, Porters Diamond and BCG and how this is of benefit to you. In order to compile the reflective report consider the following: You should use suitable examples and discuss how you will use these tools in real-life. What benefits do the VALUE CHAIN, Porters Diamond and BCG model convey to a firm in the modern world and what you have learned about them on the course? Word Count: 3,000 words excluding appendices, references and bibliographies Assessment Weighting: 30% Assignment 2…


BA6001 – Business Operations

Assessment 2: The Challenge of Operations Supply Networks You have been hired as an operations consultant for an organisation (your group must select one of the organisations provided below). You have been given the project task of mapping, and identifying potential challenges for their Supply Network. You will need to perform a thorough audit of the organisations operations. You are tasked in finding potential solutions to increase efficiency, productivity and effectiveness of the Operations Supply Networks. You are required to present your findings to the Board of Directors. Select one of the organisations listed below and produce a video presentation with…


BUSN20017, Effective Bussiness Communication (160 aud)

ASSESSMENT 3 BUSN20017 T3, 2017 The purpose of this assessment is to provide students with the opportunity to engage in reflective practice, using a range of diagnostic tools and feedback, so as to identify two key areas of personal capability that can be addressed (improved) so an to increase their communication effectiveness. This assessment is aimed to assess your ability to demonstrate advanced knowledge in written communication and your skill to autonomously reflect about good practices in workplace communication. Through the process of self-reflection you will be able to improve your communication competencies through your knowledge of and ability to perform…


MGMT20144 Management and Business Context

Objectives This assessment item relates to course learning outcomes numbers 1, 2, 3, 5 and 6. Purpose This is an individual assessment task in which students will examine and apply critical issues related to business and management context. The purpose of the task is to assist you in gaining a greater understanding of the internal contextual factors that impact on a business and the way that decisions are made in an organisation. Before starting this assessment please read the marking criteria (shown on Moodle, and in the Unit Profile) and refer to other resources provided on the Moodle site for this…


Issues Prevalent in Various Contexts of Tourism and Hospitality Management

1.0  Introduction This report has been written to discuss the issues prevalent within the various contexts of tourism and hospitality management like operational management, human resource, financial, and the product and marketing concepts. This report can be used as a guide to understand these issues and find out strategies to mitigate them. 2.0  Brief Research and Analysis 2.1 Issues in Operational Context There are various operations within the tourism and hospitality management sector that needs to be managed properly for the overall profit maximization of the company. However, this industry has been facing some issues related to labour shortage and cost…

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