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BUSI 1110 Fundamentals of Business in Canada

Subject code: BUSI 1110 Subject title: Fundamentals of Business in Canada Individual Assignment (Instructions) The purpose of this assignment is to integrate what you have learned in this class for application into the real world, while maintaining a manageable work load for the course as a whole. By completing this assignment, you will become familiar with analyzing business processes while developing business planning skills. This project is worth 20% of your overall course grade. A. OVERVIEW Your assignment will be to imagine that you are the founder of a new business that does not currently exist. Write a business proposal to “pitch” to…


CHM601 Contemporary Hotel Marketing: Assignment help

Subject Code: CHM601 Subject Name:  Contemporary Hotel Marketing Assessment 1 Part 1. Report on The Role of a Situational Analysis in Developing a Marketing Plan. Length 1,500 words Assessment One Part 1. Context: Successful hospitality companies know the vital importance of constantly watching and adapting to the changing environment. The marketing environment offers both opportunities and threats. The marketing environment is made up of microenvironment and macroenvironment factors. The Macroenvironment are the larger societal forces that affect the entire environment and are defined as any force outside of a company’s employees, leadership, and business strategy, that can affect an organization’s performance and can…


MGT607 Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship

Subject Code: MGT607 Title:  Innovation, Creativity & Entrepreneurship Assessment 1: Case Study Analysis Length Up to 1000 words Context: Innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship can come in many different forms and be successful for many reasons. As such, being able to recognise these will broaden your understanding and appreciation for the important role of entrepreneurship and innovation in society today. This assessment requires students to critically analyse a case study utilising the theory learnt in Module 1 and Module 2. It is important you draw on the concepts of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship and link them to the case study to support your…



MANCOSA: POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT 8.6 ASSIGNMENT/PROJECT QUESTIONS — SEMESTER 1 ASSIGNMENT 1: CONTEMPORARY EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT QUESTION 1 (25) The terms “leadership” and “management” are two distinctive and complementary systems of action, but they are often used interchangeably. To demonstrate your understanding of these two terms, use your school, or any other institution as an example, and discuss the leadership and management strengths of your Principal or HOD or Manager, and identify any shortcomings he/she may have in these roles. QUESTION 2 (25) “Effective school managers and leaders are those who are surrounded by effective educators, who perform their teaching…


MGT603: Systems Thinking

Subject Code: MGT603 title: Systems Thinking Assessment Part A: Proposal Individual (500 words) Part B: Critique Individual (250 words) Context: Systems Thinking requires you to take a holistic view of the world we live in and the organisations we work with. This assessment has been prescribed to appraise students’ ability to think holistically and generate discussion around recognising and understanding organisational operations using a Systems Thinking lens. The assessment will broaden your knowledge of and appreciation for using a different approach to look for and solve problems faced by managers in contemporary organisations. This assessment has been designed to Appraise your ability…


MGT611: International Business Strategy

Subject Code: MGT611  Title: International Business Strategy Assessment 1: Emerging Market Analysis Length 1500 words Context: This assessment supports students in developing their skills and knowledge in the foundational international business strategy topics that include external environmental assessment, problem diagnosis, strategy development, and the consideration of micro and macro-level factors influencing the strategic decision of entering an emerging market. It is expected to equip students with a well-formed view of international business environment and theories to guide the strategic options available to the firms considering international expansion as their next growth path. Instructions: To Successfully complete Assessment 1 you are required to…


MGT704: Global Business Management

Code: MGT704 Title: Global Business Management Assessment Task 1: Report Goal: This task provides an opportunity for you to identify and analyse an example of how a firm has responded to global pressures in competing internationally, allowing you to apply concepts from the course. Product: Analysis of a cross-border strategy: Analyse the performance of a firm competing in a foreign market using theory to support your argument i.e. the resource-based view, competitive forces view, diversification etc. Format: This should be prepared as a report of 2000 words. The task is to be completed as individuals. Criteria • Quality of analysis through…


MGT702: Managing People

Code: MGT702 Title: Managing People Assessment Task 1: Leadership – Analysis Essay Goal: To identify the attributes and behaviours of successful leaders. Product: Essay Format: This individual-level assignment requires you to develop an essay that explores the behaviours of successful leaders. Criteria • Application of appropriate conceptual frameworks/models/ theories supported by scholarly references. • Provide well-justified critique (pros and cons) of the issues • Convincing recommendations and conclusions are drawn • Quality of presentation including clarity of expression, the professionalism of layout and formatting, grammar and spelling Generic skill assessed Skill assessment level Organisation Graduate   Assessment Task 2: Leadership Self-Analysis…

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